Art is how I discovered and became my greatest version.   Creating is engrained in my soul due to my passion for bringing unique ideas and attributes to life.  I’m not for everyone.  A session with me is all about being authentic and showing bold emotion and fiery personality.  I love that humans can be feminine and powerful, seductive and elegant, masculine and sensitive, ambitious and kind, inspirational and fun...  No, you don't have to fit some mold! The union of these different energies excites me!  Yes, you can be multifaceted and thrive!

I’ve been everything from the long haired model in magazines to the mohawk chick in career dominated by men.  Being true to myself has been a long journey and I learned a lot on it.  My voyage inspired me to help you discover that you are allowed to be bold, creative, and authentically you!  When I am not doing photography & makeup, I enjoy lifting weights in the gym

“India, you may look like a Barbarian but your heart is a Librarian.”
— Jeff Robinson, CEO, MBK Entertainment