“India, you may look like a Barbarian but your heart is a Librarian.”
— Jeff Robinson, CEO, MBK Entertainment

Art is where my heart lives. It is what flows through my veins and gives purpose to the beauty I capture. I was a beauty model for over 13 years, but even from the other side of the camera I knew that things could be done differently. That I wanted to do things differently. I know how a beautiful image from a session can be nice, but that it doesn’t always embody why you are who you are. Inserting yourself and personality into a photo is what makes it stand the test of time and become an heirloom and not just a picture.

I provide a creative eye and adventurous spirit to capturing people via photography and curating their look with makeup.

I’m fiery, strong, humorous, intelligent…and to some intimidating. I believe in showcasing your authentic and bold self unapologetically. We are all a mix of feminine, masculine, sensitivity, ambition, seduction, elegance…these all combine to create your power. Combining fun and inspiration with your individual spirit is how we break the mold! I want to take the journey with you to infuse your shots with all that is you in all of its glory. You can and should thrive as exactly who you are!


My biggest point of difference is me. The energy I bring is what helps me to see and capture you and your brand as expressive and authentic. I understand as a consumer what connects me to a brand and this is what I keep in mind as I work alongside you to capture your values through the camera. The stories, the personality, the relationships…this is what gets you seen. This is what makes them love your brand.

 When I am not doing photography & makeup, I enjoy lifting weights in the gym