Quality Over Quantity : 3 Ways to Simplify Your Instagram Marketing

Quality Over Quantity : 3 Ways to Simplify Your Instagram Marketing

One of the things I frequently get asked is how to use images from photography sessions with India Jackson Artistry on social media.  This empowers you to be seen by your target audience in a way that builds trust and deeper connections.  When used effectively, quality images create interest, engagement, new followers, meaningful relationships, new clients, and make you stand out.  

One of the biggest factors in being effective in your strategy is to be consistent.  I highly recommend posting at least once a day initially to build a momentum and retain the followers you already have.  I noticed when I would mention this to small business owners and social media influencers there were a few questions that I kept getting asked:

  • How do I stay active on Instagram without spending a lot of time?
  • How do I create a themed or cohesive feed like yours?
  • What can I do when I’m busier or not feeling creative enough to post on social media?
  • I hate talking about myself, so what do I say in the captions of my posts? 
  • I’m passionate about what I offer, how do I avoid sounding too much like a sales associate?  
  • What hashtags should I use on my Instagram?

I too had the same questions when I first got started. I understood quickly how important social media is.  This is especially true for new businesses, as well as existing companies that want to attract younger to middle-aged customers ( millennials ). The amount of work that goes into building a social media presence can be very rewarding. I dedicated myself to drudge through the drudgery and keep at it. 

As I transitioned from being a student to having a full-time career in my business, I increased my followers.  With increased followers came increased inquiries and DM’s. That was when I decided to streamline my process which freed up more of my time. I was then able to shift my focus back to creating quality content and building lifelong client relationships.  I began utilizing a few services to aid in my overall productivity and effectiveness. Here are the services I use:


1. Planoly

Wow does this free up my time and attention to focus on other things.! Planoly allows me to arrange and curate my Instagram feed seeing in real time what images look great next to each other. Hello, cohesive!   How does it do that?  Insert scheduled content here!  The old way of multitasking trying to figure out what to post each day in between meetings and working with clients is so outdated and stressful!  Instead, I take a moment each month to upload photos and schedule what I will be posting in advance.

Each day I get a notification that it is time to post on Instagram. Planoly pulls up the photo, any hashtags I scheduled for it, and the caption.  All I have to do is hit paste, add in my geotag, and then I’m done!  I can't express just how much this has saved my energy! Give Planoly a look here:

2. A Professional Writer

Working with a professional writer was one of the best decisions I made.  There were times that I would have the perfect picture to share, yet didn’t because I struggled to find the right words to use in the caption.  I had a hard time writing about myself and bringing my personality to words. It’s also tricky to find the balance between providing value to my readers, sharing who I am or what I do, empowering others via stories, yet still keeping what services I offer in the minds of my followers.  Out of fear of saying the wrong things, I didn't sound like myself.

My writer dived deeper into my values, writing from a voice that sounds like the real me while staying true to my brand. Her words help convert my followers into being my clients without ever sounding like a used car saleswoman. LOL  Check her out on Instagram:

3. Hashtag Tools

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways for people to discover you.  Effective hashtags will attract your target audience and ideal clients to your account. Thinking of what hashtags to use each day you post takes up valuable time and makes it harder to be strategic. Hashtag tools to the rescue!

After seeking effective hashtags that typically have between 10k and 500k total posts, I save them in groups/categories in the Notes app on my phone as well as Planoly so that I can just copy and paste, making the daily process of posting a breeze. Here are some of the tools I use to help me pick hashtags: