My Story


Holding my polaroids at Grandma Jackson's house

feature as a hair model on Nafy Collection braiding hair

It’s strange how the stars all align to point you in the direction you were meant to go… 
I was born in Washington, DC and lived on the east coast most of my life. I fell in love with photography in elementary school when I discovered my Grandmother’s Polaroid camera could capture a side of people they don’t let outsiders see.  Coming from a low income family, my parents feared I would become a “starving artist”. So…. like a good kid would do, when I became the first in my family to attend college I picked a science major.

During undergrad I modeled for beauty magazines and photography classes to stay creative. Then, one day I had a frightening car accident that banged me up, totaled my car, and changed my life forever.   Finally realizing life was too short not to follow my dreams, I picked up the camera again.

Working as a Silver Immersion makeup artist Image by Stephen Bobb

India Jackson Photography featured on Christian Dior national marketing

In 2008 after my friend was sexually harassed by a photographer, I vowed to create a safe haven for models to achieve their image goals without any strings attached. I dumped my medical major and with the support of my friend, I switched majors to Photographic Imaging.  With the hair & makeup artist Erica Cote by my side, I was published in magazines. After lots of sweat, debt, and test-shoot tears I obtained a Bachelors in Art + Design.

Determined to develop my skills in all artistic areas of a photo shoot, I began exploring makeup artistry with Silver Immersion in Maryland.  In 2013 I was hired by LVMH group (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) to photograph portraits of their French luxury brand Christian Dior’s backstage makeup artists to be featured on marketing materials.  The following year I became a regional Dior makeup artist and photographer myself.

I live a minimalist lifestyle, travel frequently as a freelance photographer, and currently call Virginia Beach, VA my home.