My Minimalist Health and Fitness Story

After seeing my colorful meal prep and fitness posts on social media many of you have asked what inspired me to start living a healthier minimalist lifestyle.  It is not the easiest thing for me to talk about but here goes…

Two months before the left photo in white, I thought I had food poisoning. After the most intense vomiting and pelvic pain in my life, I was rushed to the hospital and passed out on the way. When I finally woke up I felt like I’d been run over by a truck. My husband then tells me I had been given 2 blood transfusions and a salpingectomy.  We had an ectopic miscarriage that ruptured my fallopian tube and had been bleeding internally for hours.

My recovery was harder than I’d imagined. I’d went from a 120 pound size 0 to cankles overnight. I was on so many different medications and was bloated from IV fluids / blood and the inability to walk around or do anything on my own that I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror (Oxy hallucinations didn’t help either). It took me a few months before I could bend at the hip which made everyday tasks very hard. Major thank you's to my family and friends for helping me through that time!  I also began to realize I was depressed about surgery and our loss.

Then one day I decided that life was too short to let this get me down.   I  was done with being depressed and vowed that I’d let this near death experience make me stronger mentally and physically.   It was now time to do things differently! The first task was recovery and prioritizing my family and personal goals. One of the goals was to live life to the fullest and start doing some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but put aside for "tomorrow".  My husband and I made a bucket list of our things… most didn’t even require money…  and we started checking things off that didn't need me to be very active. The second was losing the 15 pounds of fat I’d gained once I was well enough to workout.

I never thought something so hard would lead me to be in the best shape mentally and physically of my life! I still have so much more I want to achieve but am glad that I could turn something painful into a motivator for so many areas of my life! I just hope my story helps someone going through a tough time realize sometimes bad things happen as a way of reminding us to make the most of this short life we have and to appreciate the little things.