Booking a photography session doesn't have to be complicated. In just a few steps you can go from enthusiast to owner of your own customized images. 

1. Hello, it's me you're looking for!  

Look around the website!  Get a feel for my style and personality.  Like what you see?  Then,  say "hello"!  Simply email or text me with a "hello", your name, the type of photography you need, and your preferred contact details.


2. Talk to me baby!

Let's chat!  This is where we get to know each other in order to discover your preferences (colors, themes, etc.), genre (boudoir, glamour, pinup, fitness, fine art), and preferred appointment.  If you are unsure of what you want, that is okay too!  I can suggest locations or sets and wardrobe options that fit your taste.  This is also where I answer any questions you may have. 

You've got mail!  I follow up our conversation with a quick email recap and include links to any useful information on my website such as pricing, FAQ, blog articles, etc. I also include an appointment date and time, payment information, and ideas of how to prepare for a shoot etc.


3. Work Work Work Work Work

Let's Party!  If you booked beauty services, your session starts with pampering makeup and hair artistry (or grooming for dudoir) to enhance your unique features.   After, I assist you with matching your wardrobe to the  scenery we selected to illustrate your story.

Ready to have fun?  I keep you laughing as we begin your photography session.  First photoshoot? No problem!  With 11 years of experience in front of the camera as a model in addition to 8 years behind it  as a professional photographer, I will help guide you in the right direction.


4. Just hold on, I'm coming home!

Enjoy!  I send you complimentary low resolution files digitally for review. This is where you decide which and how many images you want edited in Photoshop. My artist gets to work perfecting your image, then you receive a drive featuring the full resolution digital retouched images.

Relish!  Your photographs look so much better printed than on a USB drive in a drawer!  I like my clients to have several quality and discrete printing options without the hassle of getting products from me.  I make display recommendations and even give you a print release so you can print wherever and however you like. Sweet! 

“Fantastic portfolio! I’ve seen portfolios with more shots that don’t come close to yours in style or variation. “
— RPfotos, Photographer