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Empowering you through the truth of the lens


Meet India

“India, you may look like a Barbarian but your heart is a Librarian.”
— Jeff Robinson, CEO, MBK Entertainment

Art is where my heart lives. It is what flows through my veins and gives purpose to the images I capture. I was a beauty model for over 13 years, but even from the other side of the camera I knew that things could be done differently.  I know how a beautiful image from a photo shoot can be nice, but that it doesn’t always embody why you are who you are. Inserting yourself and personality into a photograph is what makes it stand the test of time and become an heirloom and not just another pretty picture.  When I created India Jackson Artistry, LLC in 2009, I vowed to do things differently and showcase what makes my clients unique giving their audience a personal connection to them.

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