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Congratulations!  If you are here that means you are brave and bold enough to be stepping on the stage.  India Jackson knows first-hand the sacrifices required to have made it to this moment.  To have made it to this point means you are already a winner. You have already done one of the hardest things you will ever do.  It is so important to recognize and honor this.

Having your Fitness competition journey documented and immortalized means you have a visual reminder of all the feelings you experienced. The moments of self-doubt that you pushed through. The feelings of physical and mental pain as you shed your old skin to take on your form anew. Every moment has a purpose.  And having images as a reminder make sure you never forget how much you gave to gain.  

We offer high quality images and boutique styled service all delivered by an amazing team. Excellence is our calling card.



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Sports and fitness challenge you beyond the physical. It's the opportunity to do something for yourself and a bigger opportunity to say "screw you" to limitations. You’ve worked this hard to build your brand now it’s time to make all that hard work actually work for you

Showcase your greatest version

Your photoshoot is how you forever immortalize exactly where you are in this moment. The mindset you have. The person you are. The evolution of you is captured and your essence embodied.

We highlight your personality and unique features.

Your images are able to be printed, emailed to friends, posted on social media, or used for updated business cards and other print materials.

Your images attract your ideal fans, clients, and sponsors.

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Imagery makes stories real. Sounds like a tall order right? Ask any competitor how much they remember from prep and it’ll likely be little to nothing. But a picture can bring it all rushing back. What story do you want to make sure stays real for you?

stage photography prices start at $80

photoshoot sessions start at $1000