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Never Forget How Much You Gave To Gain


Fitness Competitions

Congratulations!  If you are here that means you are brave and bold enough to be stepping on the stage.  I know first-hand the sacrifices, the time, the dedication required to have made it to this moment.  To have made it to this point means you are already a winner. You have already done one of the hardest things you will ever do.  It is so important to recognize and honor this.

Having your Fitness competition journey documented and immortalized means you have a visual reminder of all the feelings you experienced. The moments of self-doubt that you pushed through. The feelings of physical and mental pain as you shed your old skin to take on your form anew. Every moment has a purpose. And having images as a reminder make sure you never forget how much you gave to gain. 

Having images to look back on makes sure you never forget how much you gave to gain. 

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Carolina fitness festival

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Battle for tidewater

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