OCB Battle For Tidewater

+ OCB Military Championships


September 8, 2018 • Bishop Sullivan Highshool  • 4552 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 234624


The Photographer

India Jackson

I heard the phrase "A lady shouldn't..." too much in my life. I was constantly told what it is to be a woman and how I was failing at it. I needed to stop cutting my hair too short, not get too swole,  not have too many opinions, keep that steady job instead of starting a photography business, and eat some chicken like a normal person for God's sake! 

Unique, brave, and authentic with a sprinkle of feminism meant I needed to apologize for being "too much". Yet when I began to hide so others could feel more comfortable, I discovered that I was no longer "enough".  When I started my fitness journey I was ready to "do me" again and be proud of who I am. I never imagined I would become a plant-based bikini athlete. The physical transformation was only part of the much greater internal transformation I experienced.  Becoming an advocate for empowerment and triumph has been the greatest gift of all.


Branded Portrait Sessions


Bodybuilding and competing in the Organization of Competition Bodies (OCB) challenges you beyond the physical.  It's the opportunity to do something for you and say "screw you" to limitations.  You are forced to push beyond what you think you are capable of and reveal yourself anew.  It truly takes going through this process to fully understand it. 

Your photoshoot is how you immortalize where you are at this moment in time forever. The mindset you have and the person you are. The evolution of you is captured to showcase your growth. It is a roadmap to where you've been, where you're going, and who you're growing to be.  I use pictures as a method of documenting your evolution and visually tell your story.  It is so much more than the physical.


Stage Photography


Congratulations!  If you are here that means you are brave and bold enough to be stepping on the stage.  I know first-hand the sacrifices, the time, the dedication required to have made it to this moment.  To have made it to this point means you are already a winner. You have already done one of the hardest things you will ever do.  It is so important to recognize and honor this.

Having your Fitness competition journey documented and immortalized means you have a visual reminder of all the feelings you experienced. The moments of self-doubt that you pushed through. The feelings of physical and mental pain as you shed your old skin to take on your form anew. Every moment has a purpose. And having images as a reminder make sure you never forget how much you gave to gain. 


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