Capsule Makeup Collection


Okay so those of you that have been following me for a while know that I am embracing a minimalist lifestyle.  One of the things many other minimalists do is create a capsule wardrobe which is basically narrowing your wardrobe down to just a few pieces that all work together so it takes you less time to figure out what to wear.   This means more time to focus on things that actually matter.  It also means more quality garments that you love and will last instead of quantity things that will go into a landfill quickly.
I’ve been loosely doing a capsule wardrobe for about 6 months and love how it changed my life so I thought it would be awesome to apply this same concept to my makeup.  For my capsule makeup collection I will be challenging myself to only use one product for each purpose until they are empty. The rest of my products will be going into an empty sephora box.  Once an item is finished I must first check the sephora box for a replacement before I am allowed to purchase something new.  If I go in the box before a product is empty it means I didn’t love it anyway and it has to get recycled via Terracycle.
I do have three exceptions to this challenge.
Because I wear a more glamourous look for work, I am allowed two products for lipstick, nail polish, and eyeshadows.  One natural lip, nail and eye combination and one bold lip, nail, and eye combination.
I am free to add additional products to my makeup bag as I go…  as long as they do not have the same purpose as something else already in my collection.
When I travel I can bring miniatures and samples to save space but I must use them up before I can go back to using full sized products.

Being a full time photographer and makeup artist, I will always have a big collection of products for my professional kit.  But that doesn’t mean I have to have just as big of a kit for my personal wear.  I thought using a limited amount of products for my daily personal use would help me finally use up the gazillion things I have open or are unopened but discontinued.  It’s also a great way to re-evaluate which products I love and which I should never buy again. Now that I am traveling more, being able to fit my makeup and skincare in a small cosmetics bag would be a huge plus! #goals


I know this will be changing very soon as many of these products are almost empty as I write this post (yay!) and I realize I forgot to add bronzer, highlighter, and brow pencil… but here is what I am starting out with:


  1. Dior AirFlash CC Primer
  2. Dior Forever Poudre Compacte in 003
  3. Dior Nude Foundation in shade 041
  4. Dior Sculpt Concealer in shade 003
  5. DiorBlush Cheek Creme in shade 651 Panama
  6. Dior Lip Liner Pencil in shade 999 Rouge Dior
  7. Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in shade 661 Meteore (good for evening wear too when applied wet)
  8. Dior Rouge Lipstick in shade 638 Blazing Red
  9. SoftLips Cube LipBalm (for sleep)
  10. Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm (natural color)
  11. DiorShow Mascara sample (black in the original formula)
  12. Dior Art Pen liquid eyeliner in black (for winged looks)
  13. Dior Liner Waterproof in shade 098 Carbon (for tightlining)

To my surprise many fellow makeup junkies have joined in on the capsule makeup concept.  There is even a project pan concept which is aimed at using things up aka seeing the metal pan at the bottom of the makeup.  For further inspiration just look up #projectpan and #useitup on Instagram.
*Note, you certainly do not have to use products from only one brand.  Just use what you have.  I prioritized finishing off products that were the closest to empty or the closest to expiring first. This happened to be items I got complementary or with a discount from Christian Dior.