Finding a Certified Personal Trainer to Reach Your Fitness Goals

I’m frequently asked by clients and friends in the fitness community whether I also offer services as a certified personal trainer or nutrition planning. While I’m not a certified personal trainer myself, I’ve worked with several amazing trainers who are awesome at helping people reach their fitness goals.

Certified Personal Fitness Trainers I trust

For now, my focus is on the high-quality photos I capture for my clients that they love, and being a fitness competitor myself. Between preparing for fitness competitions with my trainers Terrence Bond + Chad Havunen and curating amazing images for clients, my time is nearly filled.

If you’re looking for an experienced personal trainer that can also generate plant-based or vegan meal plans and nutrition services, you’ll want to reach out to any of these trainers:


  • Terrence Bond - (757) 339-2090 -
  • Chad Havunen - ‭(757) 871-3528 -
  • Stephanie McIver - (757) 692-1000‬ -
  • Darius McCray - 757-701-4574 -

DC & Maryland

  • Frank Meekins - (407) 590-3192‬ -

If you’re looking for more options, the Organization for Competitive Bodies (OCB) keeps a recommended coaching resource list. You can take a look at that list here.