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A large part of women's health starts with how they view themselves. When they can't fully see their amazing power, leadership, intelligence, & one-of-a-kind beauty it can prevent them from living to their fullest. I am the founder of India Jackson Artistry, a visual marketing agency that helps women embrace the relationship between mindset & visibility. This work sparks the flame of no longer playing small as women allow themselves to be seen + accepted from an unapologetically authentic place in life and business. This is an integral part of mental health. Rebelling against traditional branding tactics is making a safe space for women around the world to own their leadership & disrupt the way their industries are seen.

Change starts within. I share my plant-based lifestyle publicly. My visibility as an award-winning drug-free bodybuilder has disrupted the perception of what the female human body is capable of accomplishing without eating meat. I've used this visibility to talk about body image, what looks great vs what is healthy, and more. There are so many nutritional options out there and bringing awareness to them without any judgment or shame has allowed others to decide for themselves what will help them experience a fuller and more robust life.