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showcase your greatest version

Your images set the first impression of who you are. What you’re about. In a world full of handheld technology and social media, professional photography grabs attention immediately and keeps it there. The personalized photos captured during the session are designed to captivate your audience. Allowing them to experience your unique brand, products or service and showcasing why your brand is exactly what they need.

After the session this visual ammunition is then put to work on your website, social media, print marketing, newsletters, blog, sales pages, and e-books. The result? Increased revenue and follower retention rates.

The goal of content is to attract your ideal audience. The goal of branded content is to attract your ideal audience without saying a single word. Let’s build a brand.



(Em)Powered Shoot

Headshot & Networking Party

This is the opportunity to showcase the greatest version of yourself. Lighting and makeup are curated to capture the real you in all of your glory without having to worry about things like the pimple you got the night before. 

During the event I focus on highlighting your unique personality and features to attract your ideal audience. After the session, I select the 5 best imges to be edited reducing yellowing of teeth etc. your photographs are able to be printed, emailed to friends, posted as your social media profile pictures, and used to replace that old picture on your business cards. Your portrait will build trust and a connection with the people you encounter.

Upcoming events

September 30/18 . 12pm - 4pm .  India Jackson Artistry

india jackson artistry  

1001 Monticello Ave. #209
Norfolk, VA 23510


 silver immersion

5 Ingleside Ave.
Catonsville, MD 21228



 ✈️  available internationally

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