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I vowed to do things differently.


My heart has a permanent place for art.  It is the blood that flows through my veins, constantly passing through my cardiac muscles and giving purpose to the moments in time I delicately capture. I was granted the opportunity to be a model for over 13 years.  This opened up a doorway that created a hybrid view on how I can see art from both ends of the lens.  When I started India Jackson Artistry ten years ago, I vowed to do things differently and showcase what makes my clients unique.

I’m fiery, strong, humorous, intelligent…and to some intimidating. I believe in showcasing your authentic and bold self unapologetically.  When I refer to capturing a person’s “truth through the lens”, I want them to visually write the narrative they want to be read with their body language, their eyes, their smile and overall essence.  That story will speak direct words and feelings to any audience that gives a personable and true connection. Everyday, we present our brand to the world.  For some it may be as a business.  For others, it’s a direct reflection of what they represent.  I want to showcase your brand as true and original to the beauty of you holistically.

My Bachelors Degree and apprentices with photographers in various genres painted a path that taught me the necessary skills to create lively forms of art.  As a fellow consumer,  I understand what connects me to a brand. As an entrepreneur, I empathize with the stories, the personalities, and relationships that breed success for a business. As a OCB bikini competitor on a plant based diet, I understand the work ethic and sacrifice it takes to get to the desired result.

To capture the truth and immortalize your brand or essence of expression, I travel far and wide.  You deserve to be seen and allow your power to forge your success story.  Let me see you.