I vowed to do things differently.

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My name is India Jackson. I have always loved art as a form of expression and connection. It is a cornerstone of how I move through my life, and it sets the tone for how I use my talents. Over 13 years ago in what felt like another lifetime, I was a model. That career opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me by showing me the art that exists on both sides of the camera. This began to lure me into the world of photography, and ten years ago India Jackson Artistry became a reality. I promised myself that I would always do things differently for myself and those that allowed me the pleasure of capturing them.

I vowed to use imagery to highlight what makes each of my clients unique.

Allow your power to forge your success story.

I am full of life, humor, intelligence, and a desire to create magic. I am powerful, impactful, and armed with a creative eye designed to make a difference. My message to you is that photography is a tool that can showcase your bold and authentic self…unapologetically. The lens is my truth telling tool. It visually writes your narrative and conveys your overall message through movement and posing. This is the story that directly speaks the words and feelings that creates a real and authentic connection. Every single day we present our brand to the world. Sometimes it is a business, and others it is us as an individual or what we represent. All of these deserve to be shown at their optimum impact.

I have a Bachelor’s degree and have apprenticed with numerous photographers over the years to hone my craft (which I continue to do). I am a consumer and a business owner, so I understand the importance of things like ethics, sacrifice, and dedication. But all of these don’t scratch the surface of who I am as the leader behind this team of photographers that can facilitate you changing your life and being the best version of you. That’s where I want us to connect.

I practice my gifts all across the USA and beyond. You deserve to allow your power to forge your success story.

Shall we begin?

There’s no better day than today.


Photographer / makeup artist / model / bodybuilding athlete

Thought leader / Advocate for empowerment / Plant-based / Minimalist / Eco-conscious

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