OCB Battle of Orange County * 03/16/2019 * Orlando, FL

OCB Battle of Orange County * 03/16/2019 * Orlando, FL


Stage photography for one athlete includes:

  • Group Comparison

  • Awards on stage

    *Competition services are pre-paid and delivered as High Resolution Digital Images. T-Walk / Posing Routine photos will not be captured of competitors who did not order prior to the competition.


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TERMS AND CONDITIONS The photo package consists of images for personal use in JPEG format. No commercial use is permitted without permission from India Jackson Artistry, LLC. You will be legally responsible if they are used for commercial purpose without India Jackson’s permission. The number of images you receive will depend on what is practically possible during your time on stage and will depend on factors such as time on stage, class size, stage lighting, your stage presence and the group comparison placements. You will receive your images in digital jpeg format n a timely manner. Please allow up to 30 working days. You will need an email address, computer and adequate WiFi speed to download your images. You will have 30 days to download / back up your images before they will be deleted from the server. If you then require the images to be uploaded again after the 30 days have expired you will incur a $25 admin fee per month. The email/link can end up in spam/junk folders so please check these folders before emailing and stating you have not received your images. We do not issue refunds for intangibles, you are paying for the service of taking the photos and the use of intellectual property therefore no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.