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All photography sessions include a complimentary Pre-shoot consultation. 
Let's showcase the mood, personality, and unique attributes that make you awesome.


Social Media Content Subscription

Visual content is the key element of any social media platform. quality images are necessary to stand out from the crowd.   Photos that convey a consistent and engaging brand message will convert your on-lookers to followers, and followers to clients.

I create a consistent and cohesive stock pile of images that match your identity.  This visual ammunition is then put to work on your website, social media, print marketing, newsletters, blog, sales pages, e-books, business cards, and more.  You free up your time to focus on sales and brand culture.  The result?  increased revenue and follower / client retention rates. 

$500 / per month
* Includes 1 branded Photograph per day

$700 / per month
* Includes 1 branded Photograph per day + professionally written captions in your brand voice


In today’s world of technology, your image sets the first impression of who you are and what you are all about.  Creating a set of personalized professional photographs that not just capture who you are, but also where you’d like to be, can truly transform your experiences.  Whether you are an actor, model, musician, fitness trainer, performer, or business executive; investing in quality pictures can insure you are making quality connections.

I offer two Types of portrait sessions:

Standard Session - perfect for smaller  projects such as a few customized portraits, a music album cover, product / fashion marketing updates, and more.  Includes two lighting setups and locations or backgrounds.  $500

Signature Session - Perfect for larger professional projects Including customized branding portraits, music promotional kits,  website or brand re-launch photography sessions, and more.  Includes multiple lighting setups and locations or backgrounds plus alterations.  $1000

Branded Potrait

Whether you are a entrepreneur, realtor, actor, personal trainer, or recent graduate; a branded portrait AKA headshot is the opportunity to showcase the greatest version of yourself.  Lighting, makeup, and hair are curated to capture the real you in all of your glory without having to worry about things like frizzy hair or the pimple you got the night before. 

During the session I focus on highlighting your unique personality and features to attract your ideal audience.  After the session your photographs  are able to be printed, emailed to friends, posted as your social media profile pictures, and used to replace that old picture on your business cards.  Your portrait will build trust and a connection with the people you encounter.  

Simple & carefree, portrait sessions include one lighting setup and location or background.  $250

Fitness Competitions

Having your Fitness competition Journey documented and immortalized means you have a visual reminder of all the feelings you experienced. The moments of self-doubt that you pushed through. The feelings of physical and mental pain as you shed your old skin to take on your form anew. It's not just what everyone sees on stage but the love, focus and warrior you become backstage that I take the time to capture. 

As a fellow OCB Bikini competitor, I know firsthand that every moment has a purpose.  Having images as a reminder makes sure you never forget how much you gave to gain. 

Upcoming Events

5/5/2018 - Richmond, VA - OCB Atlantic Super Show Pro/Am
6/30/2018 - Williamsburg, VA - OCB Colonial Open

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Intimacy and sexiness come from within. Finding a way to reconnect with these innate parts to yourself is a gift that is so important to give yourself, and not just for the viewing pleasure of another.

Day in and day out, we give of ourselves for those we love and cherish. Taking the time to reconnect with your inner fire is a necessity to keep your spirit and mind centered.

Boudoir and Dudoir sessions provide an atmosphere where you can shed the shroud of day-to-day habits and shed some light on your sensual side. Here you will create breathtaking images that capture the essence of who you are at your core.

Not Just Women

Gender is a societal indicator, but not one of the ways that I choose to define my clients. Every individual or couple has their own unique essence that is made to be captured and immortalized for you to enjoy.

Regardless of your age, sex, or ethnicity you have something fabulous to bring to life. An intimate photography session encourages your sensual center to glow with full vibrancy. Be bold, unapologetic, and authentic!

$700 / includes makeup and hair grooming


A La Carté


Need a custom-designed package? Want to add additional services? No worries, here’s the investment per service.


3 hour minimum per assigment
$200 / hour

ideal for social media profile pictures, team / staff bio photos
$35 / image

ideal for editorial, album covers, fashion & beauty, and detailed projects
$75 / image

Makeup + Hair

I highly recommend makeup and hair grooming by a professional with every photography service.  This truly makes a difference allowing many clients to skip photoshop services completely.

MAKEUP  $100

HAIR / $100

MAKEUP + HAIR / $175



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